Turkey’s power industry

Turkey’s power industry

Turkey’s power industry

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Nuclear power is supposed to become a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and balancing prices in the country’s power market. Today, Turkey’s power industry relies on coal and natural gas, together accounting for more than half of electric power consumed in the country.

In 2022, consumption amounted to 328.8 TWh. The generation mix in 2022 was as follows: coal 34.6%, natural gas 22.2%, hydro 20.6%, wind 10.8%, solar 4.7%, geothermal 3.3%, and other sources 3.7%.

According to the Turkey’s National Energy Plan until 2035, country’s power consumption could increase by 15% to 380.2 TWh by 2025, 38% to 455.3 TWh by 2030 and 55% to 510.5 TWh by 2035, compared to today’s consumption.

As at the end of March, total installed capacity of Turkish power plants exceeded 104.3 GW.

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